MIT TTC is managed by the MIT Board of Governors (BOG)

The Board is responsible for the management of the college and appointment of managerial categories of staff. The BOG is the highest policy making body of the Institute. The Board is composed of 10 members who meet a minimum of three times a year.


  • Provision of advice on all academic programmes
  • Planning and development of physical facilities for the purposes of learning and teaching.
  • Sourcing and the efficient management of the Institute’s   finances which includes receiving all fees, grants, donations and   any other income to the Institution.
  • Organize, direct, supervise and monitor approved projects and   programmes of the institution.
  •  Recruit, appoint and discipline all members of staff.
  •  Regulate the admission of students to the courses.
  •  To deal with student disciplinary cases.
  •  To approve the annual budgets of the Institute.

The Chairperson of the Board chairs all Board meetings

All Board Members are appointed by the Directors of MIT. They are appointed for a period of three years which is renewable.

The daily management of the Institution is done by the Principal of the college.


Benard Muia                                – Chairperson
Justus Mutia                                – Member
Benjamin Mutie                         – Member
Amos Leleito                                – Member
Phylis Mbithe                              – Member
Japeth Muli                                  – Member
Victoria Mumbua Muoka        – Member
Pst. Vincent Mbatha                 – Member
Nancy Njogu                                – Member
Samuel Okuthe                           – Member