MIT TTC at a Glance

MIT Teacher Training College is a fully registered Teacher Training College under the Ministry of Education. Our Registration number is (16p40000630)

The College is an examination CENTRE for KNEC examinations in DECTE ,DPTE, Special needs and Diploma in Secondary Education.

MIT  Teachers Training College is located in Machakos town on Mbolu Malu road, on the first floor of Posta building directly opposite Equity Bank and Catholic Church (Cathedral).

The college offers a proficiency course that helps learners to bridge to both Certificate and Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Development. It also offers Certificate and Diploma programmes in Early Childhood Education at affordable rates.

The college also offers the P1 course, Special Needs Education and Diploma in Teacher Education.

As members of the MIT TTC community, we work diligently to weave our core values into the fabric of everything we do to positively impact those who seek our services. MIT TTC staff and students operate with allegiance to the following core values:

  • Respect:We appreciate individual differences and diverse opinions and work together to create a mutually supportive environment. We treat each other with dignity and appreciate individual contribution regardless of their position within the college.
  • Integrity:Our actions and words signal the institutional integrity of our college. We embrace honesty and base our decision making on a combination of high ethical standards and practical considerations.
  • Accountability:We understand and value our individual roles in the college. We take responsibility for processes, decisions, and outcomes within our scope of influence. We work hard to apply our expertise to continuously improve our systems and strengthen organizational performance.
  • Exceptional service:We create and improve relationships through positive interactions with others. United by a common purpose, to support and improve learning. We collaborate to provide lifelong learning opportunities that enhance the well-being of individuals, businesses, and communities.
  • Student centeredness:We value and respect all students as unique individuals. We assist them in realizing their educational goals and work hard to create a dynamic learning environment. Providing students with a positive educational experience is of vital interest to each of us.
  • Commitment:Our actions reflect our dedication to the people we serve and to the college. The success of MIT TTC depends upon our skills and abilities to communicate, promote, and support our educational offerings, and meet the needs of our students and other stakeholders. We invest the time and energy necessary to fulfill the mission of the college and provide healthy and safe environment.